Expanding A Company and It's Values in Order to Serve Your Community

At SCBT, your community bank, our belief in our customers, supporting the communities
we serve, and in being solid financial stewards throughout all economic times, is what has set us
apart since 1934. 

Founded during the Great Depression in 1933, SCBT has a proven history of providing the
stability and strength our customers are looking for in a bank.  Placing importance on staying true to our company's core principles has allowed us to survive many economic conditions.

The banking industry has a set of core beliefs unique to its industry. 
These core values are shared by most who call South Carolina home.  We share these
common values and goals and are proud to pass them on to others.  Standing the test of time,
we truly believe in each other.  We believe in South Carolina.  For many years, we have shared
her businesses, her peoples, her achievements and helped her overcome
challenges. We support the small business community, measuring success on an
individual basis. We contribute to the growth of the community, and we are
proud to serve as her premier community bank.

On July 26, 2013 SCBT Financial Corporation completed its
merger with First Financial Holdings, Inc. Now called "First Financial
Holdings, Inc.", the combined company will be the largest publicly traded
bank holding company headquartered in South Carolina.

This merger, adding 65 full-service banking locations in
North Carolina and South Carolina will make things more accessible and
convenient for our customers. The combined company will operate 146
full-service banking locations in its three-state banking network.

"We are very pleased to announce the completion of the
largest in-state merger in South Carolina history. I am equally pleased with
the very strong shareholder and customer support," said Robert R. Hill,
Jr., chief executive officer of the Company. "Together, these long
standing banking institutions create a very convenient bank for our customers
while retaining local decisions, local leadership and a community bank
culture." R. Wayne Hall, president of the company, says that "while
this is a new journey for First Federal, our course remains a natural extension
of the road taken 79 years ago - deliberate decisions based on traditional
values and customer needs. We believe our combined future is as promising and
exciting as our past."

For more information please visit www.SCBTonline.com.

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